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Specification of Oil Free Compressor

Air Free Oil Compressor

Oil Free Air Compressor is a compressor where the main part is not terlubrikasi. For example on screw compressor, screw not terlubrikasi by oil. Because the screw is not terlubrikasi, so air that terdeliver to the system is free oil.

Oil Inject compressor is a compressor where the main part comes terlubrikasi by oil. For example on screw compressor, screw terlubrikasi by oil. So there is the possibility of air-borne oil that is compressed. So on this type of compressor there is oil separator tool. Its function is to separate the mixed oil and air. Through oil separator oil and air separate. Oil will flow to the bottom to the lubrication ducts and air will flow to the top which will continue into the discharge compressor. Although there is already oil separator, but can not be guaranteed air that is delegated to the system will be free oil. Oil carried to the system (oil carryover) on this compressor usually ranges from 2-5 ppm.
We also provide Wind Compressors and Spare Parts.

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