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Compressor Chicago Pneumatic CPA-Series

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Specification of Compressor Chicago Pneumatic CPA-Series

Chicago Pneumatic CPA Series Compressors
Chicago pneumatic compressor with CPA series is the right choice for you who do not have much space for the compressor engine room. This machine is designed with practical complete package. That is, if you make a purchase for 1 unit of CPA type including air dryer (Dryer), Oil Filter (oil filter) and receiver tank with capacity 500 Liter. We as one of the distributor for Chicago Pneumatic brand compressor provide Wind Compressor and Spare Parts as well, So you do not need difficulty to process the compressor unit afterwards. Our engineering team is also available to serve you all over Indonesia. Why choose to work with us?

1. Stable was established in 2001 with head office in Tangerang and has 3 branch offices in Cikarang, Surabaya and Semarang.
2. More than 1,500 units have been sold since its establishment and 1,000 companies have used our products.
3. Have 25 professional engineers and 12 units of vehicles ready to serve you.
4. Customers get free product training and experience about our compressor products.
5. Handling complaints directly on the same day to jabotabek area after getting the info from you before 8 am or max 2 x 24 hours for out of town.
6. Excellent after-sales service and competitive price.
7. Spare parts available or 15 days pivot for special items.
8. DELIVERY (Dependability, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Integrity, Valuing the customer, Exceed expectation, Respect, Yes we can)

We hope to be able to work with you, please contact our call center on the telf menu click to query price query or other requirement. Glad to be present to help you. thank you

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