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D-Series Double Screw Compressor is one type of compressor that is widely used in industry, using 2 stages at the same time the maximum pressure produced will be much more, lower electric capacity because there are inverters and kw which are lower than the wind capacity produced, efficiency of 20-40% of ordinary screw compressors. The working system of the screw compressor uses a screw system, the air entering through the inlet into the screw system which rotates and compresses the air. compressed air is flowed to the air storage tank (screw compressor is different from the piston compressor whose unit has a tank). This type of compressor is indeed more expensive than piston type compressors, more durable and recalcitrant use, this type of compressor can run (running) 24 hours nonstop different from the piston compressor with maximum usage in the range of 8 hours. The screw compressor has a much larger water delivery discharge usually compared to a piston compressor

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